Dj Cre-8

Aqua Lounge-Beverly Hills April 22nd Booking

Just got booked for Renee Renfro’s Birthday Party at Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills on April 22nd. Should be pretty dope, I checked out some pics of the place…looks nice!.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Santigold Performance

Just saw the new Jimmy Fallon episode, Santigold performed “Shove it”

I guess she spells her name “Santogold” but had to change for some legal bullshit to “Santigold”…anyways, here’s the track I’ve been feelin for a while now, pretty sure Kid Cudi’s on it as well..make damn sure you get the “Switch & Graeme Sinden” mix though 😉


ENVY Thursday Nights

My boy & notorious promoter Daniel Delgado &  acclaimed promoter Eddie Martinez started the mayhem back on November 13th 2008. Grand opening night was pretty crazy as you can see…

CLUB ENVY GRAND OPENING 11.13.08 from DJCRE-8 on Vimeo.

First night was crazy, yet I was still Djing at Tiajuanas, Irvine at the time.
I started doing ENVY Jan. 15th and been going ever since, there’s gotta be 1000+ people everyweek! We just did a new video in February, as you can see, still crazy as fuck!
Naturally I did the audio for both videos 🙂

CLUB ENVY February from DJCRE-8 on Vimeo.

Here’s the flyer for this week, definitely something worth checking out 😉